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The gripping fourth instalment in an epic series about Furnace - a terrifying, underground prison for teenagers - now with a stunning new cover.

Alex thought that escape was impossible. He was wrong.

We broke out of Furnace but we're still not free. The city is in lockdown - roads sealed, police everywhere. And there are worse things here: creatures of death sent to bring the world to its knees.

I'm turning into one of them, into a monster. To put an end to this blood-crazed madness I have to travel into the heart of darkness. I have to find Alfred Furnace before he finds me.

Soon the whole world will be a prison.

Action-packed, gritty and gruesome - this is the perfect read for thrill-hungry teens. With striking new covers that really bring these chilling stories to life.

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Alexander Gordon Smith

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    Que bien que lo he encontrado, el próximo fin de semana me lo empiezo a leer seguro :)

  3. ".$titulo."

    ¿Cómo se descarga? No lo encuentro :S

  4. ".$titulo."

    Fácil de descargar pero un poco molesto lo de tener que registrarse...

  5. ".$titulo."

    Me ha gustado mucho este libro, se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo!

  6. ".$titulo."

    Lo tuve en físico hace tiempo y lo perdí, tenía ganas de releerlo pero no quería volver a pagar ¡gracias!

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