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In this imaginative and healing book, Deliah, who is about to turn eleven, suffers a great loss. Unaware that there is an enchanted kingdom of fairies in her own backyard, Deliah receives their loving help to see her through her grief. The fairies take Deliah on an unexpected and courageous journey to her destiny and the world of “Faye.” It is a universe filled with laughter, wonder, adventure and enchantment. Deliah is called upon to fulfill a prophecy by defeating the Dark King. Will Deliah open her heart and save a kingdom and a family she never knew she had? Will she believe in the magic around her?

About the Author:
Allyson Giles lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is currently writing the next book in the Believe series, The Adventures of Spirkle, in which Deliah goes back to school and adjusts to living life in the human realm, as well as the fairy realm.

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Allyson L. Giles

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    Que bien que lo he encontrado, el próximo fin de semana me lo empiezo a leer seguro :)

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    ¿Cómo se descarga? No lo encuentro :S

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    Fácil de descargar pero un poco molesto lo de tener que registrarse...

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    Me ha gustado mucho este libro, se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo!

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    Lo tuve en físico hace tiempo y lo perdí, tenía ganas de releerlo pero no quería volver a pagar ¡gracias!

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