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Married life is slowly losing its appeal for Patrick, an office worker and budding novelist. His wife Jenna is a nagging, puritanical pain who belittles him like it’s going out of fashion. Even on his day off, a day for relaxing alone and working on his novel, he can’t escape her sharp tongue. But much to his surprise, he isn’t the only one with the day off: pretty Teagan is going to spend the day with him!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Hey Pat, wake up!”

Patrick soon returned to the land of reality and groaned, rubbing his sleepy eyes. “Morning, Teagan. Can you get off me, please?”

“Nope!” his wife’s daughter giggled and bounced. “Geez, it took you forever to wake up! You’re such a sleepyhead.”

The girl was sitting on top of him, the blankets and sheets wrapped around her. The bedsprings squealed as she bounced some more.

Patrick snatched a glance at the bedside clock and rubbed his eyes. Seven twenty-five. His teenage stepdaughter looked down at him with that big, toothy smile. Her hair was a blonde mess, and the more she bounced the more she had to blow it off her face.

“Hey, come on. Get off me.”

“Mm-mm!” she shook her head.

“Don’t you have school?”

“Nope! Free day.”

There went his plans for a quiet, lonesome day working on his novel. “Is your mother around?”

She nodded, still bouncing.

“Then get off, hon. I should say goodbye to her before she leaves.”

“Nuh-uh!” She bounced harder, causing her firm, braless boobs to jiggle under her baggy My Little Pony shirt.

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