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Laugh-out-loud funny and gorgeously romantic, Lula Does the Hula is the perfect book for teenage girls.

Aloha! I’m Talullah Bird – or Tatty, or Lu. But mostly people call me Lula. So, my big news is . . . I’ve finally been kissed. Eeeee! I have an actual, factual boyfriend! At least, I thought I did.

But things with the perfect boy aren’t going to plan – thanks to his journo gal pal, Evil Jazz. And that’s not all. Hoooo no. In a few days I’ve got to dance the hula in public, put a stop to some seriously serious criminal activity, win a race, and stop Dad from shaming me totally with his weirdiness. Frikkly frik! Where is my normal life? Huh? Where? Please, someone, tell me I’m not jinxed forever . . .

Join a new, kooky teen heroine in the sequel to Kisses for Lula and get the feel-good factor from her gloriously funny antics, romantic entanglements and mystery. With the laugh-out-loud qualities of Louise Rennison, the girl appeal of Meg Cabot and the warmth of Jacqueline Wilson, Samantha Mackintosh’s romance books for teens are a joy to read.

‘A hilarious, hectic, full-on diary saga’ – Julia Eccleshare on LoveReading4Kids.

Categoría: Fantasía, terror y ciencia ficción

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    Que bien que lo he encontrado, el próximo fin de semana me lo empiezo a leer seguro :)

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    ¿Cómo se descarga? No lo encuentro :S

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    Fácil de descargar pero un poco molesto lo de tener que registrarse...

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    Me ha gustado mucho este libro, se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo!

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    Lo tuve en físico hace tiempo y lo perdí, tenía ganas de releerlo pero no quería volver a pagar ¡gracias!

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